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10 tips of effective correspondence by e-mail

Article #3: 10 tips of effective correspondence by e-mail

10 tips of effective correspondence by e-mail

In order to achieve greater efficiency from e-mail communication, we offer the following tips:

Before writing something, think carefully about the letter's text. The e-mail message should be clear and understandable, and most importantly, not overloaded with unnecessary information. Remember that the speed that gives us the Internet delivery of information is not the main thing. The contents and ability to appreciate other people's time is always more important.

Pay attention to what you write, and in what form. Remember that you can deny only the words, but not fixed in one or another form information. For this reason, remember about "political correctness", to be respectful to the man to whom you are writing in order to do not regret in future.

If you send by e-mail an application, be sure to inform about it the recipient with the help of a brief cover letter. You shouldn't send application's files without any short information about it; such as a letter can often be perceived as spam or file with virus attachment.

Always specify a message theme. Don't send e-mail letters without any theme. First, it is very easy to look through such letters when checking mail; secondly, they most often can be regarded as spam.

Don't reprove anybody by e-mail as it is considered, such method is inefficient and can make the situation worse: you can even lose control over whom you criticize.

Mark out advertising mailings of the companies which most bother you as spam, in order not to spend time for useless information.

Adjust SMS-notification on your phone. It will give you the opportunity always on time to learn about a new letter by e-mail, and do not miss important messages.

Never write completely whole electronic message with capital letters or with a bold type. Your desire to give in such way importance of information leads to the opposite. You risk being misunderstood. It will be difficult to understand on what to pay attention.

Certainly check your messages on existence of mistakes! Remember that illiteracy also can do much harm to your reputation. Than it is worse, the less effective will be your e-mail correspondence. People not really want to respond to letters which contain mistakes.

Keep in mind that correspondence by e-mail is periodically looked through by the management at many companies. For this reason, you should not write about personal themes, if you do not want then to blush in front of chief where you will be asked questions on the subject of personal correspondence in the workplace.

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