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7 Important rules for compiling business letters

Article #1: Seven rules which will help to write business letters correctly, accurately and laconically ... read more

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3 steps: How to effectively use job fairs in finding a job?

Article #2: You shouldn't think that fairs of vacancies are waste of time! Vice versa, it is unique opportunity to find new acquaintances and to move upstairs to "career growth" ... read more

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10 tips of effective correspondence by e-mail

Article #3: In order to achieve greater efficiency from e-mail communication, we offer the following tips: ... read more

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Big Brother is watching you

Article #4: If the employee works at home, he has a heap of opportunities "to dodge" from the duties. What tricks are used by an administration to control subordinates remotely ... read more

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Delicate side of employment

Article #5: It seemed that the interview was passing as it should: fine results of dough, the recruiter was approvingly nodding all time. But that is all. On fields of your resume there is a mark "unpresentable" ... read more

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Resume "in reserve"

Article #6: Though the situation on a labor market has changed and conditions are dictated nowadays by the employer, deficiency on a number of job vacancies which are ... read more

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5 Factors of how to foresee dismissal

Article #7: There are quite clear signs that the worker is going to be dismissed, and it can be both direct, and rather indirect ... read more

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7 Rules How should dress a business man

Article #8: Inability to dress properly destroys careers more than mistakes at work. About what a business person should avoid in his suit, writes Forbes ... read more

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From the crisis and unemployment will save a good resume

Article #9: Besides inflation, rising prices and an increase in all kinds of tariffs, unstable economic situation has led to a reduction of workplaces. And quite conscientious and qualified experts can lose a job ... read more

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Work which is not to the detriment of studies

Article #10: Among students it is accepted to earn additionally. The reasons for this can be very different, but the work should distract from study. Where it is best to get such which will not prevent from education? ... read more

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Frequent change of work reduces the chances of finding a new job

Article #11: You are a good experienced expert who has, knowledge and skills, but had to change your work place five times during the last three years. Exactly this "unstable" item of your professional biography can make qualified HR-managers quite doubtful ... read more

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8 phrases which will help to frustrate interview

Article #12: The American portal has compiled the list of phrases which can't be used on interview under no circumstances ... read more

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4 Advice: How to get rid of chronic fatigue at work

Article #13: The only thing you care about is how to sit out the fixed eight hours. Your favorite job ceased to bring pleasure. Probably, it is so-called "a burning out syndrome" ... read more

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6 Tips: How do away with jobs involving all hands, work on weekends and own disorganization

Article #14: Many of us often don't have enough time to do everything planned during the work day. How to get out of a habit to overwork or to work overtime on weekends and to increase the efficiency in order to not waste time at work in vain ... read more

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7 myths that hinder career

Article #15: We all dream of the best job and a prosperous career. And sometimes hinder our desires the settled stereotypes which don't allow moving into the right direction ... read more