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5 Factors of how to foresee dismissal

Article #7: 5 Factors of how to foresee dismissal

5 Factors of how to foresee dismissal

There are quite clear signs that the worker is going to be dismissed, and it can be both direct, and rather indirect.

The American expert specializing in recruitment and personnel management Alison Green briefly listed the factors when an employee is directly threatened with dismissal.

1. The easiest sign - your boss tells you about it directly, without ceremony. As a rule, the direct management warns in advance the worker about dismissing if his work and efficiency in the workplace will not change for the better. Remember, if you received such a warning, your boss doesn't joke.

2. In other case you suddenly start noticing that you are getting more and more written comments and instructions. If before your chief usually limited to oral remarks, and here suddenly starts resorting to means of e-mail messages, isn't excluded, he creates the documentary file for descriptive reasons as a justification for dismissal. After all, not a secret that many companies demand to document the problems arising with this or that worker, and sends to him warning before dismissing.

3. It starts seeming to you that the boss constantly carps for any of several reasons. If the superior, in return, also has a feeling that the subordinate contradicts and is inclined to argue, it testifies to a problem.

4. Now you have noticed that the manager too meticulously controls your work. The thing is this. When the head doubts the effectiveness of the employee, he starts thinking that arising problems are not on a surface, and the boss starts to dig deeper. So, if the results of your activities become a subject of more careful check than ever before, there must be some reason. It does not necessary mean that you are prepared to be fired, but something is clearly wrong. Therefore it is quite normal if you take an interest at the administration about these reasons.

5. Alarming moment should be that your boss is less interested in your opinion; he does not seek your advice and, on the contrary, categorically against your ideas concerning this or that project. Worse than that, the boss shows loss of faith in the employee and even considers it as a hindrance.

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