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6 Tips: How do away with jobs involving all hands, work on weekends and own disorganization

Article #14: 6 Tips: How do away with jobs involving all hands, work on weekends and own disorganization

6 Tips: How do away with jobs involving all hands, work on weekends and own disorganization

Many of us often don't have enough time to do everything planned during the work day. How to get out of a habit to overwork or to work overtime on weekends and to increase the efficiency in order to not waste time at work in vain.

Start planning.

You've got too much to do, so you have no idea from what you should start? As a result you take up the first affair that comes to mind. As a bad luck would have it, more often it is less important and urgent work that could wait. So as to important issues were carried out in time, and work wasn't dragged on till the evening, try to take 10-15 minutes every morning and carefully plan your day. And you need to write down only those tasks that must be performed exactly today.

Stake on Tuesday.

Perhaps, you choose not the most suitable time to perform important tasks. Try to plan the most responsible affairs for those days of the week when your working capacity is the highest. Such days, according to psychologists, are Tuesday and Wednesday. But on Monday the productivity and efficiency of many, unfortunately, is almost equal to zero.

"Deal" with colleagues.

Surely you allow colleagues constantly distract you, and both on working questions, and on trifles. If you have too busy schedule, try to explain politely to colleagues that you with pleasure will chat with them during a lunch, at the end of the working day or after work. Don't hesitate to speak about it otherwise you will be regularly late at work.

Take time-outs.

You work like crazy one all day long and do not give yourself a moment's rest? It isn't surprising that your working capacity by the end of day will be almost at the end. Be sure you should do pauses at least 5-10 minutes every two hours to take breath and relax a little. Timeouts in work help to keep forces and at the same time to preserve our health.

Tidy up your table.

Unfortunately, the mountains of paper only prevent us from working. Instead of immediately get down to affair; we have to spend time trying to dig under all these the necessary documents. Organize your workplace so that you can quickly find everything you need. In addition, it is considered that the clean desktop increases efficiency.

Be "out of contact".

Productive work is disturbed by frequent phone calls and correspondence by e-mail. All these take too much time. Therefore during the day respond only to the most important messages on "e-mail", and on the others try to answer only after work. Attempt to act similar and with phone calls. You should find time for conversations outside working hours, previously having agreed it with the interlocutor.

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