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7 Rules How should dress a business man

Article #8: 7 Rules How should dress a business man

7 Rules How should dress a business man

Inability to dress properly destroys careers more than mistakes at work. About what a business person should avoid in his suit, writes Forbes.

1. Short or long trousers. If you not a hip-hop rising star, don't get tangled in trouser-legs or to walk for work in the short-cut jeans. Well-sitting trousers have to close an anklebone, and the forward part of a trouser-leg has to lay down on a boot with a small crease.

2. White socks. Remember, thick white sport socks suit only for outdoor activities, going to the gym and morning jogging around the house. To wear a business suit of classic dark shades, to put on fashion shoes, white socks, and to get on in such look in the people is all the same that to write on a forehead: "I have no taste". Subtle light socks can be worn only under light cotton summer suit.

3. Not being combined drawings. Don't mix in the suit different patterns. That means don't put on at the same time a shirt in a cage, a jacket in a strip, a tie in a fir-tree, etc. If it can't be avoided, try to observe at least color scale and, the main thing, make one of drawings dominant. Let the fir-tree on a tie will be visible most accurately, the cage on a shirt - hardly noticeable, and the thin strip on a suit - distinguishable only at close range.

4. Short or long tie. The ideal length of a tie - when it comes to the lower end of the mid belt buckle. At the high end of the tie lean men can cover it (buckle of a belt) completely. Should not be worn as too short tie which end hardly touches a thorax, and too long, which tip looks out from under a vest or a jacket Remember that classic tie should be darker suit, but lighter shirts And if a shirt with drawing, the tie has to be monophonic. And vice versa.

5. Spots on clothes. Nobody cares what such fat and tasty you tried during the lunchtime. If you managed to land a stain, change your clothes immediately. Surely you store spare shirts in office. If you have a business meeting right after lunch, and the spare shirt isn't present - simply buy it.

6. High or low waistline. Leave an opportunity to vary height of a waist of trousers and jeans to women. The businessman has no time to follow changeable fashion. Remember that classical trousers have to settle down conveniently directly on hips. If the belt of trousers suddenly climbs on a waist or goes down below a pelvic bone, you shouldn't wear such trousers.

7. Dirty shoes. It may happen to everyone to be caught in the rain, to walk on dirt or to feel the force of the pressure of the feet of passers-by. Purely washed up and just polished boots turn thus into dirty mess. But business partners are worried a little by the size of a puddle in which you got before important meeting. Therefore buy special cleaning and polishing sponges for footwear to cause the slightest incident to order shoes. Though it sounds is banal, the majority of men can select for hours a tie in color of a shirt and do not pay attention to dirty shoes.

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