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Big Brother is watching you

Article #4: Big Brother is watching you

Big Brother is watching you

If the employee works at home, he has a heap of opportunities "to dodge" from the duties. What tricks are used by an administration to control subordinates remotely?

Monitoring of "free" contract employees by means of special computer programs is a very promising trend. Such programs do screenshots from the monitor of the worker with frequency some minutes and send them to the administration; count up number of clicks of a mouse and blows to the keyboard. Special detectors can catch the TV noise, idle conversations on a background when the employee phones in office. Well, and some simply set the system which rings during the day to employees with such frequency that they simply don't manage to depart even in a toilet.

It is considered that to an experienced employee it isn't necessary to breath down his neck, "look over the shoulder", to make sure that he is not keeping up with its responsibilities. Nevertheless, home atmosphere very influences working mood of employees, making it relaxed and idle. As though the worker wasn't responsible and honest, at home he can always be tempted. For example: to postpone affairs and go watch TV, to take a nap or to stop for a computer game, while nobody sees; because "the work will not go anywhere, it is possible to finish it later".

Monitoring is good because it destroys the main obstacle in a way of development of the freelancers as working class: fear of the employer that "home staff" will skive. But now there is nothing to be afraid, since it is possible to trace work of freelancers remotely. So they can be safely hired at work and included in full - employment staff.

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