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8 phrases which will help to frustrate interview

Article #12: 8 phrases which will help to frustrate interview

8 phrases which will help to frustrate interview

The American portal has compiled the list of phrases which can't be used on interview under no circumstances.

I hate the former chief.

Your ex-boss was certainly miserable and worthless personality. He drank your blood, overloaded you with work and liked to scoff at you in every possible way. Perhaps it is true but your prospective employer shouldn't know about it. If the relations with the chief of previous place of work can't be held in secret, try to explain calmly which management style is the most likable for you.

I know nothing about your company.

At the interview often asking what you know about the expected place of work. If you can't intelligibly answer the question, it could badly affect results of the interview. HR staff surely will draw the conclusion that such shortage of information indicates the absence of career motivation. And it immediately will become clear that you are interested only in rate of wages.

I have no questions.

The absence questions from potential employee's side at the interview talks about lack of interest. Even if you had been told in details about future work and had been answered all the unspoken questions, quickly make an effort to think out a couple of extra. So you will show the sincere interest in future career.

Let's talk about vacation.

Do not start talking about the compensatory time off, sick pay and leave before the process of employment will go to the final stage. Ask about this only when wage rate has been found out, and the employer has already said the magic phrase: "When you are ready to get to work?"

How soon could I get a raise?

The main thing at the interview is to show you as a single-minded person, and not to hurry up as soon as possible miss the position that has not been yet received. There are ways more tactfully ask the same question. For example, politely take an interest, what prospects of growth. One more option is to ask why the position offered you was released. If the previous employee left on the increase, it will become clear to you in what direction will develop your future career.

And are you married?

Trying to make an interview free and easy, you shouldn't touch upon inappropriate themes in official conversation. Therefore, avoid controversial questions and personal topics.

As the saying goes...

Pertinent usage of quotations, of course, is nice and easy. However, such style of communication rarely makes employers impressed. So remember that interview is a dialogue, not an exam in philosophy or literary history. Behave accordingly.

Above all I cannot stand...

Leave emotions aside. Anger that arose during the dispute wouldn't help you convince the interlocutor, but would only incite him against you. Complaints immediately lead to the fact that you can be pointed to the door. Who needs to hold at work the whiner? If anything has hurted you, do not argue, try to smile and show endless optimism. Perhaps, you are wanted simply to be checked for resistance to stress.

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