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Frequent change of work reduces the chances of finding a new job

Article #11: Frequent change of work reduces the chances of finding a new job

Frequent change of work reduces the chances of finding a new job

You are a good experienced expert who has, knowledge and skills, but had to change your work place five times during the last three years. Exactly this "unstable" item of your professional biography can make qualified HR-managers quite doubtful.

Complex of "drifter".

If your employment history is full of variety of records, it can seem suspicious to personnel officers for several reasons. "Generally, the person can be conflict, quarrelsome or dishonest," - says Svetlana Kardiya, Assistant Manager HR Corporation UBG.

It is also possible that he is simply bad expert who carelessly and irresponsibly treats his duties. Of course, it is quite difficult and long to check all these facts. That's why, many employers don't risk and don't even consider the candidacy of such "drifter".

People often explain the short term of work on one place by the objective reasons: moving the office to another district of the city, change of the management, inconvenient schedule of work, change of working conditions or personal circumstances. But even that can be interpreted by the HR manager not in your favor.

Be always ready.

The jobseeker with "rich" experience needs to be ready to additional difficulties. Pay special attention before the interview to an explanation of the reasons of dismissing from your previous places of work.

You shouldn't resort in each case to pattern phrases about "bad boss " or "low wage ". It would be better, if you can show some logic in your transitions, which prove that the new working place - is exactly what you are looking for.

If with a job your specialization changed too (for example, the person worked both as the marketing expert, and the manager), applying for concrete vacancy, it's necessary to prepare the corresponding resume. In each you should to focus attention on those points which are suitable to the considered activity field.

Try to make the structure of your resume easy to read. Many, wishing to reduce visually the track record, write work places through a comma to one line. Don't do this in no event. It does the resume an absolutely unreadable, and HR managers will not waste their time on it.

Do not forget to attach a resume cover letter in which briefly but extremely clearly state the reasons why you need this work. Pre-study the history of the company and its work specifics, and demonstrate your knowledge. It will emphasize the seriousness of your intentions in the opinion of the employer.

Remember that after the interview recruiters can address for recommendations to your former employers. Therefore, try to leave the last place of work without conflicts - having warned the chief in advance, finished your entire project and trained your receiver.

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