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From the crisis and unemployment will save a good resume

Article #9: From the crisis and unemployment will save a good resume

From the crisis and unemployment will save a good resume

Besides inflation, rising prices and an increase in all kinds of tariffs, unstable economic situation has led to a reduction of workplaces. And quite conscientious and qualified experts can lose a job.

Even having appeared suddenly "on the street" or in an indefinite leave, you shouldn't despair. Talented, initiative and enterprising professionals are always needed. And even if one firm didn't estimate you, in another to you will surely reward according to the deserts. The first and one of the major steps to finding of a new place of work is your resume or CV. How it is made, at least 50% of success at the initial stage depends.

Self-portrait in cheerful colors.

In fact the CV represents your portrait. More precisely, even the self-portrait, after all is better than you your summary hardly someone will make. Under a condition, of course, that you will approach to this case with the maximum responsibility. Only you will be able to identify fairly your strengths and weaknesses on the ground of where you worked and what specific duties performed. Only you honestly will be able to define the positive and negative sides on the basis of where you worked and what concrete duties fulfilled.

Sometimes managers of recruitment agencies consider the CV at level: whether it is pleasant personally to them. Certainly, you can apply for drawing up your self-portrait to professionals. But, first, true professionals are now a rarity. And secondly, as it was already said, only you can make the most complete and truthful "personal card".

Divide and enumerate.

So, start resume writing with a breakdown it on 3-4 or 5 points, depending on that position for which you apply. The main there are following items: the so-called general information, including information about the surname, first name (middle name), sex, marital status, presence of children, contact information and so forth.

In the next part describe in details your education. Do not lose sight of various courses and training programs. Surely include in this item not only transfer of places of learning, but also concrete specialty which you received as a result.

Experience is your trump card.

The following paragraph should include the most important thing for your future employer, your experience. Here with special care register years of employment, a position, concrete duties which you carried out. After all the mention "manager" is not enough to make a presentation about you. As the manager may be called both the current head of the company and the simple consultant of shopping center.

In the conscientious companies a common practice is not only a description of what you were able to achieve during your work in one place or position, but also those mistakes that you make. If the string is empty, the personnel officer will likely postpone resume aside, because innocent people do not exist. However, in certain countries often laid aside just resumes where the applicant honestly wrote: "my advertising campaign was succeeding only by a third". So that more effective in our case the mention of your ability to "resolve" mistakes of colleagues. For example, "in spite of the crisis moment, I managed to increase sales by 15%."

Prove your uniqueness.

All following parts of the resume depend only on what position you are applying for. If it is work is a PR specialist or professional designer, it is useful to apply some of your works, to specify existence of specific knowledge of psychology, design, etc.

Also try to get as much information about their potential boss as possible, and adjust the CV under it. Also it won't be superfluous to pay special attention to the portfolio. But even the most well-written resume will hot substitute your qualities, somehow the ability to behave at the interview.

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