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Work which is not to the detriment of studies

Article #10: Work which is not to the detriment of studies

Work which is not to the detriment of studies

Among students it is accepted to earn additionally. The reasons for this can be very different, but the work should distract from study. Where it is best to get such which will not prevent from education?

In general, whatever would be incentive motives, if a student works - it's good. All known anecdote about the young specialists who have finished higher education institution is known: "And now get rid all nonsense to which you have been taught and listen how it is necessary to work. Indeed, young people without work experience is much less interesting for the company, because it will have a fairly long time "learning to work" (not only learn to carry out certain operations, but: to do it in time, to learn out what the collective work on the project is; to be taught in a suitable form to submit the result of his work, to learn responsibility for the work). From this point of view is much more profitable to hire a specialist with experience (even though it is 1-2 years and at all absolutely not "in the specialty").

However, you should not forget that the main task of students is to study. If work interferes with this purpose, everything in general loses meaning. For this reason it isn't recommended to look for work before delivery of the first session. Then, if you are convinced that study comes easily, and that you still have time and forces to work (probably, it will be already on the second or on a third year), you can start looking for work.

Generally, job search can be guided by the following criteria:

Work in the department (best of all, on yours) your university: the secretary, the laboratory assistant, the programmer, even the cleaner ... This is very useful in terms of learning. And during your work in session, for example, they will understand your position and will reduce loading.

Establishing the relations "employees" with teachers working at the department of university, you get a significant head start in the exams and tests. And if suddenly also you obtain arrears, your problem with the help of department will be much easier to solve.

Moreover, such work is territorially nearby located and can be realized in non-study time.

Work in the specialty in serious firm. It is useful to future employment and from the point of view of the gained experience, and from the point of view of authority of the company (recording in your work record card). If employment records aren't present (work informal, for example, due to the lack of a registration or vacancies), but direction is satisfied with your work in office, try to take the letter of recommendation: "Such person in such time performed the following work" (It is possible to note your competence and intelligence, etc.). It is possible at further employment it will be useful to you.

Work in city information structure. Work with information and people. It is useful from the point of view of flows of information and communications which you can get there. It can be useful for you by job search in the specialty in serious company.

Work in a place where it is possible to solve some of your problems (in any specialty). Working in hospital, you will be able to receive medical treatment, working in a dining room - to be fed up; working in a travel agency, it is quite good to go to a tour etc.

Work where you can get useful skills (which, probably, will be useful to you in further life). Example: painter, plasterer, bricklayer, car mechanic, plumber etc.

Work, allowing to be engaged in learning during it. Example: janitor, night watchman, person on duty etc.

Work which is difficult, useless, but lucrative and with a free schedule. For example, as a loader.

Pay particular attention to the location of the work (how long you will get to it), the possibility of free schedule (especially in session), the benefit of this work for you and, of course, the remuneration of labor.

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